Boat Caught Portuguese Octopus

Day Boat Octopus is sustainably pot-fished in the coastal waters of Portugal, giving it a truly unique flavor. The octopus feed primarily on shrimp and clams, giving the octopus a firm white flesh that has a delicate flavor of the sea.

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Spanish Rabbit

Consistently available and competitively priced, Spanish Rabbit is an instant delicious upgrade to any menu. Grupo Hermi has over 40 years expertise, and is the most trusted rabbit producer in Europe. The rabbits are air chilled to conserve water, are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet, and are cared for all the way through packaging to ensure the best quality. 

Spanish Quail Semi Boneless


Semi-boneless Spanish Quail available now!

Spanish Quail comes in a pack of 4, each Quail is ~3.5oz each