Lombardi Brothers Meats - Established 1947

Established in 1947, Lombardi Brothers Meats has built a sophisticated clientele from servicing the finest hotels, restaurants, resorts and country clubs in Colorado. Lombardi Brothers provides high quality aged beef and other “center of the plate” meat items to these establishments across the state of Colorado.

We are proud of the close relationships we have established with our customers and their continued loyalty and satisfaction – year in and year out. The Lombardi Brothers Meats’ team of dedicated employees provides knowledgeable leadership that assures quality and excellent service to every customer. 

Lombardi Brothers Meats’ expert purchasing department selects only the highest quality. All custom orders are hand cut, trimmed and fabricated on our premises to the customers’ exact specifications. Our meat cutters are highly skilled, with many years of experience. 

Our Sales Tam is trained to offer suggestions on new product ideas and menu planning. As a “center of the plate” meat specialty company, Lombardi Brothers Meats chooses to sell the most selective products to its customer for one reason… it’s the best quality available.

Based on Lombardi Brothers Meats’ business reputation and integrity, we were selected as Colorado’s exclusive Certified Angus Beef distributor in 1986. 

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