Carnivore Adventure Gift Box


  • 2 Kobe Beef Japanese Wagyu New York Striploin Steaks, 8oz each 
  • 2 Spanish Iberico Pork Sacretos, 12oz each 
  • 2 Bison Filet Mignon Steaks, 8oz each 
  • 1 Prime Tomahawk, 40oz 
  • 2 Foie Gras Slices, 2oz each 
  • 1 jar of Australian Pink Salt Flakes
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Give the adventurous foodie in your life something unique this Holiday Season.

The Carnivore Adventure Gift Box features specialty meats and salts from around the world.

Japanese Wagyu

Experience the authentic taste of Japanese Wagyu with Kobe Beef New York Striploin Steaks. Raising Japanese Wagyu as part of the family is the Kobe Beef tradition. As a result, the fine, tender taste and melt in your mouth texture comes from the tender, loving care that goes into their breeding.

Spanish Pork

The meltingly tender Iberico Pork Sacreto comes from a small, tender muscle behind the shoulder. Pasture raised in Spain, this legendary breed eats an all natural diet, consisting of grain, grass, forage and acorns. For this reason, their free range diet results in an incredible sweet, nutty flavor and succulent texture. This intensely marbled cut is ideal for searing or grilling.

North American Bison

Bison Tenderloin provides the most tender cut of the North American Bison. Raised on family ranches throughout the high plains region , Great Range Bison focuses on the quality and consistency of each animal. Best when cooked to a medium doneness over dry heat. Click Here for Bison cooking tips from Great Range Bison.

American Beef

The Prime Tomahawk Steak, a bone in ribeye, features a long Frenched bone. Frenching means the meat and fat are trimmed from the end of the bone. The delicious beefy flavor, coupled with the startling long bone presentation, results in a cut that is sure to impress. The tender, rich and thick cut ribeye, at 40oz, is a perfect dinner for two.

New York Duck

Foie Gras, made famous in France, is liver from the Moulard Duck. Bella Bella Farms pre-sliced Grade A Foie Gras come in 2oz portions. Raised on family farms in upper New York, Foie Gras is an international delicacy. In addition, you will find a special recipe developed by Lombardi Brothers Meats’ in-house chef.

Australian Salt

Naturally different, Murray River Pink Salt Flakes bring you the gift of nature. Packed and sealed at the source in the Australian Outback, this salt is as fresh as it gets. Produced from ancient saline waters, underground aquifers source the pink salt flakes, specifically enhancing their natural flavors. These delicate flakes, containing 2/3 less sodium per teaspoon, are perfect for any dish or drink.

To summarize, seize the opportunity to explore new international flavors with the Adventurous Carnivore Gift Box

All protein, hand cut, is then individually quick frozen to ensure maximum freshness.