Deli Meats ~ Certified Angus Beef


Deli Meats come pre-sliced in 2lb packages.

Certified Angus Beef pre-sliced deli meats are the perfect way to make an easy, delicious sandwich.

Deli meats, including pastrami, roast beef and corned beef, come pre-sliced in a 2lb package.

Pastrami is spiced with black pepper, coriander and a classic combination of other traditional pastrami spices. This choice cut is slightly smoked, making it a delicious ready to eat lunch or dinner staple.

Corned Beef is made with an ideally spiced brine, made of mustard seed, bay leaves and garlic. This corned beef is infused with delicious flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

Roast Beef is perfect for a hearty lunch or quick dinner. Great for easy meals, including the perfect sandwich, because the more you put on your sandwich the better it gets.

This product is pre-frozen to ensure maximum freshness.