Superior Farms Colorado Lamb

At Lombardi Brothers Meats we specialize in local, Colorado Lamb. When given many options, like ourselves, we sought to offer product from a local, independent, family and employee owned company.

Superior Farms has been supporting Colorado, family owned ranches since 1964. These Colorado ranchers’ roots run deep, because many of these family run farms are exceeding four generations of Colorado ranching heritage. The flocks are free to roam and forage on natural Colorado offerings, just as nature intended. Their diet consists of mostly grass, brush and sage. To improve sustainability, the lamb also graze in vineyards. This reduces the need to use heavy equipment, while replenishing the nutrients in the soil. The unsurpassed flavor of Colorado Raised Lamb has become world renowned and is available in our backyard. 

Lombardi Brothers Meats is proud to cater to our customers specific needs. We offer whole animal dry aging  to custom cuts and portions. Superior Farms has agreed with Lombardi Brothers Meats to offer a 48-hour harvest to purveyor program. Therefore ensuring our customers are receiving the freshest Colorado Lamb available on the market.