Berkshire Pork

100% Berkshire Pork

Lombardi Brothers Meats has partnered with Heritage Pork to distribute 100% Berkshire Pork. This breed’s unparalleled capability to develop marbling, coupled with the incredible flavor profile, has earned it global recognition while satisfying the most discriminating pallets. Originally imported from Japan, the 100% Berkshire breed comes from the legendary “kurobuto” line of pork. Heritage Pork acquired the original 100% Berkshire genetics from the prestigious Iowa State University. It is Heritage Pork’s commitment to continuously supporting the family operated ranches throughout Iowa. Unlike some of our competitors, we will never sell a box labeled Berkshire Pork with anything else inside but 100% Berkshire pork. 

Lombardi Brothers Meats is proud to provide many different cuts of these spectacular animals. Please contact your sales representative for current availability and menu strategy.

The Sakura Pork Story

Sakura, which translates to cherry blossom, represents the backbone of Japanese culture. This iconic flower has come to mean that life is short, beautiful and pure. Thus, in honor of this inspiring flower, comes the Sakura Pork line. Created by Heritage Pork International, Sakura Pork is a cross breed of the Duroc and Chester White breeds. Following decades of success with the 100% Berkshire Hog and years of research, the Sakura line of pork has emerged. Sakura pork has proven itself to top chefs across the world as their choice when it comes to a consistent, unparalleled pork eating experience. 

The hogs are raised on environmentally sustainable ranches throughout Iowa with a focus on animal welfare and comfort, reducing the chances for any kind of stress. They are on a strict, vegetarian-feed only diet consisting of locally grown corn and soybeans. It is Heritage Pork’s policy to never administer stimulants or antibiotics in the feed. As can be seen, it is their dedication to best practices that ensures the highest quality pork for today’s discerning chefs and customers. 

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