Wild Game

Since 1947 Lombardi Brothers Meats has been distributing wild game. We offer a wide range of wild game and exotic meats such as our domestic wild boar (out of Texas and Florida), to venison and our cherished domestic North American Elk program, as well as many others. 

Purveyors from the prestigious Great Range Bison, in addition to the Western Buffalo Company and Marx Importers have been providing exceptional, high quality, trusted products to Lombardi Brothers Meats and our most adventurous customers.

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North American Ranched Elk

From Wapiti River, Ranched Elk are farm raised in North America with years of tradition and consistency. Raised in a natural free-range environment, the elk graze and feed on a clean and spacious pasture. 

A lean alternative to other red meat, Ranched Elk is high in protein while low in fat and cholesterol. Thus, this heart healthy option provides a flavorful and nutritious meal. Another benefit, seen in the luxuriant dark coloring of the meat, is the excellent source of iron that it provides.

Exotic Wild Game from Marx Imports

From Marx Imports comes a few of our favorite exotics. Try anything from Texas Wild Boar to Spanish Quail and Rabbit plus so much more. 

From Frontier Meats, wild boar comes from the hill country of Texas. Wild boar, while similar to pork, makes a leaner cut of meat with a more robust flavor. 

Consistently available and competitively priced, Spanish Rabbit is an instant delicious upgrade to any menu. Grupo Hermi has over 40 years expertise, and is the most trusted rabbit producer in Europe. Humanely raised on a nutritious and balanced vegetarian diet, this delicacy is tender and flavorful. 

The rabbits undergo Air chilling, which preserves the delicate flavor and tender texture of the rabbit meat. Compared to water-chilling, it’s more environmentally friendly and better for the quality of the rabbit