High Mountain Plains Wagyu Beef

Lombardi Brothers Meats is proud to team up with High Mountain Plains Wagyu to bring you the best of Colorado raised Wagyu Beef. From seed to plate these animals never step foot out of Colorado. The herds are pasture-raised in beautiful Southwest Colorado on The Lone Ranch, just North of Telluride, and The Carhart Ranch in Dove Creek, Colorado. Here the animals have 1000’s of acres to roam and forage on the natural Colorado High Plains Grasslands. Only 12 animals per month are harvested from these pristine ranches, surpassing the expectations of a true boutique, local, Colorado Wagyu Program. What’s your “local” Colorado Wagyu Beef story?

The genetics of High Mountain Plains Wagyu comes from a 100% Japanese black-hided Kuroge Wagyu bull, crossed with an elite line of hand selected Black Angus. American Wagyu take over three years to raise to perfection, as compared to the traditional American Angus, which is typically 1 ½ – 2 years of age. The final product, which takes countless hours of work from dedicated rancher Ron Nolde and his team, is well worth the wait!

The result is an uncompromised, rich and luxurious beef eating experience. American Wagyu Beef are naturally richer in omega 3 fatty acids due to a different fat composition when compared to commercial beef, creating a healthier beef option. Copious amounts of marbling and retained juiciness creates an incredible mouthfeel, coupled with unsurpassed flavor. 

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Japanese Wagyu Beef

The “Universal Wagyu Mark” was established in 2007 in order to introduce the unrivaled quality of Wagyu to people throughout the world, allowing them to experience the authentic taste of Wagyu. This mark is the proof of authenticity. 

Japanese Wagyu are raised one by one, like a part of the family. From birth until shipment, Wagyu are given individual names and nurtured like a part of the family. The fine taste of Wagyu comes from the tender, loving care that goes into their breeding. 

Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef

Kobe Beef - The finest beef in the world

“Kobe Beef” is born from Tajima-cattle, purebred seeding cattle produced in Hyogo Prefecture. The expert cattle farmers in Hyogo Prefecture continue to breed these excellent cattle with making full use of their fatting skills and advanced technologies.

It is said that beef meat quality mainly depends on its breeding cattle. From about the middle of the 8th century, Tajima-cattle have been brought up in comfortable, natural environments, such as clean air, limpid streams and rich grass fields surrounding the mountains of Tajima District. The meat character of Tajima-cattle is very tender and fine, becoming top quality marbled beef. This is “Kobe Beef”. If you taste it, a good feeling of melting fat spreads fully within your mouth, accompanied by a unique aroma. 

“Kobe Beef” as well as Tajima-cattle are specialties which Hyogo Prefecture boasts to the world and these are expected to gain the popularity in the global market. 

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