Duke’s Dog Treats 

Made with one simple ingredient

Pure and Natural

Duke's Dog Treats

Lombardi Brothers Meats is proud to bring you a new line of products established for dogs; Duke’s Dog Treats.

100% all natural treats are developed in house from the trim of our famous high quality steaks. Straight off the block, all treats are made with quality black angus, often dry aged, upper choice and/or prime cuts of beef. 

  • 100% beef dog treats – high in protein
  • No additives, preservatives or artificial flavors 
  • Locally manufactured
Duke's Dog Treats

La Bordettes

A great natural jerky chew treat

Duke's Dog Treats

100% Angus Beef Tendons. A tough chew, this treat will keep your dog happy and satisfied while providing an all natural snack. 

Dehydrated Beef Dog Treats are available in packages of either 3 or 10 chews.

Chew Barka

All natural, dry aged steak treats

Duke's Dog Treats

100% Black Angus Dry Aged Steak Treats for you dog, so delicious you’ll wish they were yours.

These dehydrated steak bites will become your dogs new favorite treat. 

Beef Marrow Bones

A great naturally healthy treat for your dog!

Rich, raw and full of nutrients that provide your dog with ample health benefits. 

Our beef marrow bones are raw never cooked. Raw bones provide your dog with all of the health benefits and are a safe treat. Raw bones are considered safer than cooked because they don’t splinter as easily. 

Beef Marrow Bones

Health benefits include:

  • Full of important vitamins and minerals to aid in digestion and overall health
  • An excellent source of calcium to help build and maintain strong bones
  • Dental hygiene – Keeps teeth and gums healthy
  • Decrease tartar buildup and help prevent bad breath 
  • Maintain a shiny, healthy coat 
  • Mental health – a great distraction to prevent boredom and promote positive chewing habits
  • Satisfy cravings – snacking on bones between meals can help satiate your dog’s appetite