Air Chilled Chicken Thighs ~ Mary’s Free Range

1.5 pounds of chicken thighs

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Air Chilled Chicken Thighs come in 1.5lb packages and are available in two different options:

  • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs
  • Bone in, Skin on Chicken Thighs

Leaving the skin on holds in the moisture of the chicken and results in a natural self basting flavor profile. In contrast, the skinless breast is a healthier option but will cook quicker than if the skin is left on.

cut and packaged fresh, then immediately frozen to ensure maximum freshness.

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Free Range Air Chilled Chicken

100% air chilled chicken thighs have no added water, providing you with the real chicken flavor and a natural juiciness.

Raised the way nature intended with an emphasis on nutrition and animal welfare.

Learn more about Mary’s Chicken Animal Welfare Program.

Cooking Tips

Cook chicken to a minimum internal temperature of 165°F.

Cooking chicken without the skin is a quicker way to cook chicken. However, make sure to observe it so it doesn’t overcook.

Cooking with the skin on protects the breast from excessive heat and helps hold in the moisture. Removing chicken skin after cooking may help reduce the fat content if desired.

For further information on how to cook poultry click HERE.