Grass Finished NY Strip Steak


1 NY Strip Steak, 10oz each

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The New York Strip Steak

A boneless 10oz steak, the Grass Finished New York Strip is hand cut from the shortloin. Also known as the Kansas City Steak or the Manhattan Steak, the New York Strip Steak is a national favorite. Hand cut by our master butchers, this premium Grass Finished Strip Steak makes a delicious meal, full of robust flavor.

Cut and packaged fresh then immediately frozen to ensure you receive the freshest product available.

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The Grass Fed Difference

Raised on family farms in the Midwest, the cattle from Grass Run Farms consume forage (grass) diets their entire lives. Without a doubt, the cattle never receive grain, animal by-products or added hormones. Grass Run Farms promises 100% grass fed beef and that the cattle receive humane animal welfare at harvest.

A common misconception, grass fed beef is not the same thing as grass finished beef. Grass fed cattle means that they eat grass at any time during their lives. in contrast, grass finished beef have only consumed forage diets for their entire life.