Great Range Ground Bison


16oz (1 pound) package of All Natural Great Range Ground Bison – Frozen

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All natural Great Range Ground Bison makes the perfect substitute for other proteins. Containing minimal fat per ounce, this lean 90/10 blend features a sweet taste profile.

Ground and packaged fresh in convenient one pound packages, then immediately frozen to ensure maximum freshness.

From premier ranches in North America, Great Range Bison are sustainably raised on a vegetarian diet of grasses and grains. Raised without antibiotics and no added hormones.

Cooking Suggestions:

Lean, tender and full of flavor, Bison cooks quicker than Beef. A general rule of thumb is that a  bison steak will cook one-third faster than beef.  Always cook Great Range Ground Bison to an internal temperature of 160° F to ensure food safety.

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