North American Elk Racks


1 North American Elk Rack, 16-18oz 

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North American Elk Racks

A 2 bone rib chop, North American Elk Racks average 16-18oz each. Incredibly rich and flavorful, this tender meat has a slightly sweet taste, lacking your typical gamey-flavor.

A lean alternative to other red meat, Ranched Elk is high in protein while low in fat and cholesterol. This heart healthy option provides a flavorful and nutritious meal. Another benefit, seen in the luxuriant dark coloring of the meat, is the excellent source of iron that it provides.

From Wapiti River, Ranched Elk are farm raised in North America with years of tradition and consistency. Raised in a natural free-range environment, the elk graze and feed on a clean and spacious pasture.

Cooking Tips:

Due to its low fat content elk cooks quicker than beef. Elk meat is ideal when cooked to a medium rare or medium since overcooking will dry out the meat. A suggested internal temperature is 130-140°F, when the internal temperature exceeds 150°F the meat will start to dry out.

Cook quick over high heat or slow and low for best results. Suggested cooking methods include grilling or roasting.

when roasting, seal meat over high heat then roast in oven at 425°F until the internal temperature of the meat is 130-140°F. Let rest for at least one minute before serving.