Prime Tomahawk Steak


Each tomahawk steak is 40oz and sold individually

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The Prime Tomahawk Steak

The Prime Tomahawk Steak, a bone-in ribeye, features a long Frenched bone. Frenching means the meat and fat are trimmed from the end of the bone. The delicious beefy flavor, coupled with the startling long bone presentation, results in a steak that is sure to impress.

This tender, rich and thick-cut ribeye, at 40oz, is a perfect dinner for two.

Cut and packaged fresh, then immediately frozen to ensure maximum freshness.

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USDA Prime Beef

The highest quality angus beef, only about 2.9% of beef receives the prime grade. Due to the superior quality, outstanding flavor profile and abundant marbling throughout, this grade of beef is offered at many upscale restaurants and hotels.

The USDA grades beef in two ways. The first is a quality grade for tenderness, juiciness and flavor. The second is a yield grade for the amount of usable lean meat on the carcass. While choice beef is also a high quality grade, it has less marbling than prime beef. According to the USDA, more marbling in a steak results in more flavor, moisture and tenderness. Marbling also helps keep beef moist during cooking. Which is why USDA Prime Steak, like our Prime Tomahawk Steak, are ideal for broiling, roasting and grilling.