Tasman Sea Salt

2.82oz Canister

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Infused by its natural environment, Tasman Sea Salt is a bright white salt flake with an incredible depth of flavour.

Smoked Sea Salt – 100% natural Tasmanian sea salt flakes cold smoked over Tasmanian oak. This process creates a sophisticated salt with a richly aromatic smoky caramel flavour. sprinkle over meat and vegetables to add a delicious wood smoked flavor or use as a rub for meat and fish before barbecuing.

Sea Salt with Pepper Berry – a 100% natural Tasmanian blend of our pure white salt flakes coupled with the delicious spicy notes of the Tasmanian Pepper Berry. In fact, this versatile mix creates a wonderful addition to any cut of meat.

The seas around Tasmania are some of the cleanest and most nutrient rich waters in the world. It is this unique combination which gives the sea salt flakes their great taste and incredible depth of flavour. Rich in potassium with lower levels of sodium than many other salts, containing all the goodness that nature intended.

Tasman Sea Salt is situated in one of the worlds most pristine natural environments, located right off of the coast of Australia. Preserving these beautiful surrounds is central to the ethos of Tasman Sea Salt, harnessing sustainable energies throughout the production process. While the technology may be innovative the methods are simple; evaporating off fresh water to leave pure white salt flakes with nothing added and nothing removed.

Try Tasman Sea Salt with Pepper Berry on our Certified Angus Beef Tenderloin Roast. Click HERE for the recipe.