Wagyu Top Round Roast


1 Wagyu Top Round Roast, 5lb average 

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The Wagyu Top Round Roastwell-marbled, tender and juicy, makes for a great family meal. To enjoy the full flavor of this delicious dinner, follow this easy Wagyu Top Round Roast Recipe Pasture raised on family ranches in Southwest Colorado, this Colorado Wagyu Beef is sourced from High Mountain Plains. The genetics of High Mountain Plains Wagyu comes from a 100% Japanese black hided Kuroge Wagyu bull, crossed with an elite line of hand selected Black Angus. The result is an uncompromised, rich and luxurious beef eating experience. Wagyu Beef is naturally rich in omega 3 fatty acids due to a different fat composition when compared to commercial beef. This results in a healthier beef option. Copious amounts of marbling and retained juiciness create an incredible mouthfeel, coupled with unsurpassed flavor. Cut and packaged fresh, then frozen immediately to ensure maximum freshness. Cooking Tips: For a juicy and flavorful roast, sear the outside of your roast at a high temperature (425°F for approximately 20 minutes) to seal in juices. Then roast slowly at a low temperature (220°F for approximately 45minutes to 1 hour) to you desired degree of doneness. For more details on cooking instructions and cooking temperatures, check out our resources.