Whole Salted Peppercorns ~ Kampot Pepper


1 bag of Salted Peppercorns, 50g

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Grown traditionally and organically, Whole Salted Peppercorns come from the Kampot Pepper, harvested at La Plantation. The Kampot Pepper comes from the province of Kampot in Cambodia, a region that has held the reputation of producing the best pepper in the world for centuries. The region benefits from the traditional pepper growing knowledge and expertise handed down from one generation to the next. Therefore explaining the exceptional quality of the Kampot pepper.

Try this delicious combination of salt and pepper. The crispness of the salt grains, coupled with the intense explosion of fresh pepper flavors, makes a unique product.

Addictive from the first bite, crunch Fresh Salted Peppercorns as an aperitif or in accompaniment of your favorite steak. To maintain its signature crunch, do not cook peppercorns or use a grinder. Instead, heat whole salted peppercorns slightly at the end of cooking or in a sauce.

Hand picked, hand sorted, sun dried and carefully packaged at La Plantation in Cambodia.

No need for a mill, Fresh Salted Peppercorns are ready to eat. Refrigerate after opening. Once the package has been opened, store fresh salted peppercorns in a closed jar to maintain their flavor and aroma.

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