Whole Black Peppercorns ~ Kampot Pepper


1 bag of Whole Black Peppercorns, 50g

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Grown traditionally and organically, Whole Black Peppercorns come from the Kampot Pepper, harvested at La Plantation. The Kampot Pepper comes from the province of Kampot in Cambodia, a region that has held the reputation of producing the best pepper in the world for centuries.

Recognized by chefs as one of the best peppers in the world, each large peppercorn has a beautiful black color. When freshly ground, it develops a strong and delicate aroma. Known for its intense but sweet taste, the notes of eucalyptus and mint will enhance the flavor of your steak. The black peppercorn is know for being spicier than the red peppercorn. In fact, the spiciest in the Kampot Pepper family, the black peppercorn is perfect for hot dishes and soups.

At La Plantation in Cambodia, they hand pick, hand sort, sun dry and then carefully package each peppercorn. The peppercorns undergo a natural drying phase where they are sun dried for 2 to 3 days. This process strengthens the unique taste and aroma of the peppercorn.

For cooking suggestions check out these recipes from The Ranch. Substitute whole black peppercorns for freshly cracked pepper in any of your favorite recipes. To preserve the great taste, do not mix black peppercorns with any other pepper colors.

**Grinder Required**