Whole Red Peppercorns ~ Kampot Pepper


1 bag of Whole Red Peppercorns, 50g

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Grown traditionally and organically, Whole Red Peppercorns come from the Kampot Pepper, harvest at La Plantation. The Kampot Pepper comes from the province of Kampot in Cambodia, a region that has held the reputation of producing the best pepper in the world for centuries.

The Kampot Red Pepper is extremely rare because of the difficulty to harvest them at full maturity. Another reason they are so rare the need to have a large enough workforce to hand pick the peppercorns. At the height of the dry season, towards the month of March, the peppercorns ripen on the vine, turning from yellow to red. Each peppercorn is harvested by hand at full maturity and then washed and sun-dried.

Whole Red Peppercorns are the region’s flagship product, which develop powerful fruity aromas. Its unique taste, less spicy than the black pepper, offers sweet notes of red fruits, prunes, dates and honey. Freshly ground, its strong and delicate aromas will enhance the flavor of your steak (Grinder Required).

At La Plantation in Cambodia, they hand pick, hand sort, sun dry and then carefully package each peppercorn.

For cooking suggestions check out these recipes from The Ranch. Substitute whole red peppercorns for freshly cracked pepper in any of your favorite recipes. To preserve the great taste, do not mix red peppercorns with any other pepper colors.